The key to any marketing campaign is the ability to target an exact audience. In today’s world, consumers are becoming numb to the thousands of ads thrown in their direction. It is causing marketers to develop new strategies and new techniques in order to reach their desired audience. If a company is drastically trying to draw in more customers and is aimlessly placing ads to achieve that goal they will be spinning their wheels trying to gain business. It is much harder to pinpoint an exact audience and marketing to broad groups is diminishing.

What is Hypertargeting?

Using data from various online outlets, a new marketing tool was born – hypertargeting. Hypertargeting is a process by which marketers can deliver highly effective ads to targeted individuals based on their past physical locations, past searches, demographics or interests. It allows companies to reach very specific audiences using very specific parameters. They gather this data using buyer personas, segmentation, geo-targeting, and retargeting to allow marketers to refine their desired audience.

An example is, say someone just moved into a new city and their physical location has changed. Typically, when people move they will have to find new doctors, new dentists, new schools, etc. By using hypertargeting, a doctor will be able to access their information and put forth digital ads to target them directly. This will ensure that the doctor’s marketing funds are utilized effectively, it will allow them to pinpoint their desired audience, and enable them to beat their competitors to the punch each time.

Also, hypertargeting is a very cost-effective marketing strategy. Companies are able to maximize conversion rates while reducing wasted funds. Utilizing geo-customized hypertargeting can result in a 30% increase in click-through rate, a 13% increase in conversion rate, and a 50% decrease in cost-per-acquisition over a 2-week period.

How to Begin Implementing

Now that you know what hypertargeting is and how it can be utilized to target your specific audience it’s time to put this tool to work. Contact us directly to learn how we can implement hypertargeting into your business and how we can help grow your business more than ever!